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Homeowners in Sydney have always been looking for the best cleaner for an Epoxy garage floor. But the answers, on the other hand, have always been tricky. So, here’re we are again to lend…
In this article of Ultimate Epoxy Floors, you’ll learn how to clean the painted floors by the book. So, whether the base material is wood or concrete, we have a solution to offer .
An oil leak is a common phenomenon in any parking lot. However, they don’t look pleasing and lots of homeowners in Sydney want to know how to clean oil spills on Garage Epoxy Floor…
You may find it a tricky task. But at Ultimate Epoxy Floors, we think that the right technique would make the Epoxy Cleaning on Garage Floor process a cakewalk. So, here we are to offer…
Not knowing epoxy floor cleaning is equivalent to one step towards more troubles. So, let us help you out with this brief-but-beneficial manual.
Although epoxy adheres well to wood, it is not recommended to apply epoxy coating on wood. Wood is a flexible material that tends to deform (albeit slightly) due to environmental conditions…

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