Can A Textured Epoxy Floor Create A Modern Look?

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Gone are the days of boring, industrial-looking concrete floors. Today, epoxy flooring has emerged as a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike, offering a stunning combination of durability, low maintenance, and a surprising degree of style. But what if you crave a modern aesthetic for your space? Can a textured epoxy floor live up to that challenge? Absolutely!

What is textured epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a seamless coating made by combining a liquid resin with a hardener. This creates a tough, long-lasting surface that’s resistant to scratches, stains, and chemicals. Textured epoxy takes this a step further by incorporating decorative elements like coloured flakes, mica chips, or metallic pigments into the resin base. These textures not only add visual interest but also offer practical benefits like improved slip resistance.

How can textured epoxy create a modern look?

Modern design principles celebrate clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality. Textured epoxy flooring aligns perfectly with these concepts.

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  1. Minimalist appeal: The seamless nature of epoxy creates a smooth, uninterrupted surface that complements the minimalist aesthetic.
  2. Textural dimension: While minimal, textured epoxy isn’t flat. The subtle variations in texture add visual interest without overwhelming the space, creating a modern yet sophisticated look.
  3. Material mimicry: Metallic textures can evoke the sleekness of polished metal, while certain flake combinations create an industrial-chic vibe that perfectly complements modern design.
  4. Colourful options: Modern spaces aren’t restricted to a sterile white palette. Textured epoxy comes in a vast array of colours, allowing you to create a bold statement or seamlessly integrate the floor with colours and patterns into your existing colour scheme.

What benefits does textured epoxy offer beyond aesthetics?

While the ability to achieve a modern look is a major advantage, textured epoxy offers several practical benefits that enhance your space:

  1. Durability: Epoxy floors are renowned for their incredible toughness. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist scratches, stains, and chemicals, making them ideal for high-use areas like kitchens, living rooms, and entryways.
  2. Low maintenance: Unlike some flooring options, textured epoxy requires minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning with a damp mop is all it takes to keep it looking its best.
  3. Slip resistance: The textured surface of epoxy flooring provides superior slip resistance compared to smooth surfaces. This added traction is a welcome safety feature in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms, helping to prevent accidents and falls.
  4. Seamless look: The continuous nature of epoxy contributes to a clean, modern aesthetic. Unlike tile or other flooring materials with grout lines, textured epoxy creates a smooth, uninterrupted surface that’s both visually appealing and easy to clean.

Is a modern aesthetic achievable with epoxy flooring in your space?

Before diving headfirst into textured epoxy, consider these factors:

  1. Existing décor: While versatile, textured epoxy truly shines in modern or industrial-inspired settings. However, solid colour epoxy floors can also achieve a stunning modern look, offering a minimalist aesthetic and seamless integration with your existing colour scheme.
  2. Desired level of texture: Textured epoxy comes in a range of coarseness levels. Consider the existing elements in your space. A busy room with a lot of patterns might benefit from a more subtle epoxy texture, while a minimalist space could handle a bolder, industrial-chic flake combination. Finding the right balance creates a cohesive and visually appealing look.
  3. Functionality of the space: Epoxy excels in most areas. However, for high-moisture environments like laundry rooms, additional slip-resistant measures might be necessary. Evaluating the space’s functionality ensures the chosen epoxy not only looks great but prioritises safety as well.

Remember, textured epoxy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  However, with its ability to create a modern look coupled with its impressive functionality, it’s a compelling option for many modern spaces.

Where can textured epoxy be installed for a modern touch?

The beauty of textured epoxy lies in its versatility. Here are some prime locations to showcase its modern flair:

  1. Living rooms: A textured epoxy floor in your living room creates a stunning focal point while remaining easy to maintain – perfect for high-traffic areas.
  2. Kitchens: The seamless, easy-to-clean nature of textured epoxy makes it ideal for kitchens. Choose a light, reflective texture to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.
  3. Bathrooms: Textured epoxy’s slip resistance and water resistance make it a great choice for bathrooms. Opt for a calming colour palette to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  4. Home offices: A textured epoxy floor in your home office adds a touch of sophistication and ties in beautifully with modern office furniture.

The possibilities don’t stop there! Textured epoxy can also add a modern touch to commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, and showrooms.


So, can textured epoxy floors create a modern look? The answer is a resounding yes! With its ability to offer a seamless, minimalist aesthetic with the added dimension of texture, textured epoxy flooring is a fantastic choice for homeowners and businesses seeking a modern touch.  The wide variety of colours, textures, and functionalities allows for personalisation to perfectly complement your existing design.

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