How To Choose A Safe Sports Flooring

A crowded indoor volleyball court with a net and a blue-green and yellow sports flooring. People are watching the game from the stands.

Picking the right floor for sports complexes, school halls, or even your home gym isn’t just about looks (although that matters too!). A safe and effective sports floor can mean the difference between epic wins and ouch moments for you and your fellow athletes. So, how do you navigate the options and score the perfect fit? Don’t worry, this guide will break it down for you so you can pick the perfect sports flooring for your active space.

What sports will be played on the flooring?

The kind of sports you’ll be playing on the floor is a big deal when it comes to picking your champion. Here’s a quick rundown of some popular sports and their floor needs:

  • Ballin’ out (basketball, volleyball, badminton): These high-flyers need a floor with excellent shock absorption and good ball bounce. Sprung wooden floors, rubber flooring, or vinyl composite tiles are all superstars in this category.
  • Floor workouts (gymnastics, dance, aerobics): Your knees will thank you for a comfy floor if you’re gonna be glued to the ground. Rubber tiles or bouncy wood with extra padding will make you feel like you’re floating in the air!
  • Lifting weights: For areas with weights getting slammed, prioritise a surface that can take a punch. Rubber tiles or interlocking mats are your go-to for these zones.

What are the key safety considerations for sports flooring?

Safety should be your MVP when it comes to sports flooring. Here’s the game plan:

  • Shock absorption: This is all about the floor cushioning your falls. Imagine landing that jump shot – you want the floor to absorb the impact, not your joints. Basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics are all high-impact activities that need a floor that’s got your back (literally).
  • Built to last: Sports floors take a beating. You need one that can handle all the action!
  • Seamless installation: Uneven floors can be a real trip hazard. Ensure proper installation by qualified professionals to create a smooth and consistent playing surface.
  • Grip it and rip it: Slips and trips on sports flooring are no fun. Choose a floor with a good grip to keep everyone on their feet and playing safe!

Built to last: How to choose durable sports flooring?

A long-lasting floor saves you money and stress in the long run. Here’s what to consider:

  • Material: Rubber, polyurethane, and vinyl composite tiles are all known for being tough cookies. Sprung wooden floors can be super durable too, but they need some TLC to stay in top shape.
  • Thickness matters: A thicker floor generally means better shock absorption and impact resistance. Think about the intensity of the activities and choose the thickness that will hold up.
  • Pro installers only: Just like having a good team on the court, getting a qualified installer is key. They’ll make sure your floor is put in right so it performs at its best.

Is epoxy flooring a good option for sports complexes?

Epoxy flooring brings some serious advantages to the table. Here’s why it might be tempting to consider it for your sports complex:

  • Durability champion: Epoxy is renowned for its toughness. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, dropped weights, and the constant activity of a busy sports complex.
  • Colourful contender: Epoxy floors aren’t just tough as nails, they come in a ton of colours! That means you can personalise your space with colours and patterns.
  • Easy on the eyes (and the mop): Epoxy’s smooth, seamless surface is a breeze to clean and maintain. Say goodbye to dust bunnies and grime!

Where can you find reputable flooring installers?

Having a qualified installer is like having a good coach – they make sure your floor performs at its best. Here are some tips for finding your dream team:

  • Ask around: Chat with other gym or sports complex managers in your area and see who they recommend.
  • Reviews are your friend: Check online reviews of potential installers to see what previous customers have to say.
  • Experience is key: Make sure the installer has experience with your chosen sports flooring type and the right certifications.
  • Get quotes: Shop around! Get a free quote on sports flooring installation from multiple companies and compare prices and services offered.

Maintaining your sports flooring for long-term safety

Regular maintenance is like training for your floor – it keeps it safe and performing well. Here are some key moves:

  • Cleaning routine: Clean the floor regularly following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Eagle eyes on the prize: Give it a quick look every now and then for any rips, cracks, or bumps that might trip you up. Fix any problems quickly to avoid bigger issues down the track.
  • Re-coating (if needed): Some floors, like sprung wood, might need a re-coat every few years to keep them looking their best and protected. Ask your installer about the specific maintenance needs of your chosen floor.

So there you have it, mate! With this info in your back pocket, you’re well on your way to picking a champion sports floor. Remember, safety is your main priority, so choose a floor that absorbs impact, provides good grip, and is built to last. 

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