Where To Use High Gloss Concrete Floor Finishes In Clubs?

A brightly lit club interior with high gloss concrete floor finishes.

So, you want to create a killer vibe in your club. Well, yeah, the right surface totally matters. It sets the scene, you know? Lately, high-gloss concrete floor finishes have been taking the scene by storm, and for good reason. But before you dive in, you need first to see if this fits your business. 

Why High-Gloss Concrete Floors?

As a business owner, you always imagine a packed dance hall, the music pumping, and the lights reflecting off like a disco ball on steroids. Pretty cool, innit? That’s the magic of it. It’s the MVP and here are the reasons:

  • Built to last (and party hard): Worry about spills? Dropped drinks? Fret no more! These boys are the total champ when it comes to durability. It shrugs off scratches, chips, and cracks like a boss. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – just mop and go!
  • Light up the night (literally): This stuff acts like a giant mirror, bouncing light all over the place. Your club will feel brighter, more vibrant, and way more Instagrammable! Plus, that reflected light hits your furniture and décor, adding an extra layer of awesomeness.
  • Looking sharp: It oozes modern sophistication. This instantly upscales your club’s look, giving off a sleek and stylish vibe. And the best part? You can choose from a variety of colours to match your theme, whether you’re feeling sleek black or a bold pop of colour.

Where can you use high gloss concrete floor finishes?

The beauty of this is its versatility. Here’s where it can steal the show:

  • Bars and lounges: The tough surface can handle spills and crowds, while the reflective finish adds a touch of class and creates a visually appealing backdrop for your bar area. Since these areas need to be both functional and stylish. 
  • Dance halls: With its smooth, seamless surface, this lets people move freely, and the reflectivity creates a captivating visual effect. Imagine the dazzling light show as your guests bust a move! This is a dancer’s dream.
  • Common areas and hallways: This can also brighten up corridors and make them feel more welcoming. High-traffic zones are no match for the durability and its low-maintenance in nature. 
  • Restrooms: Keeping lavatories clean is key. This is easy to sanitize and disinfect, making it a hygienic choice. The mirroring surface also adds a touch of modern elegance to these essential spaces.

While this offers a sleek, modern aesthetic, for a truly unique touch, consider exploring some personalised epoxy floors with colours and patterns. This also allows endless design possibilities, letting you create a perfect complement to your club’s vibe.

Are high gloss concrete floor finishes slippery?

One concern with this kind of surface is the slipping. But fear not, party people! Here’s how to keep things safe:

  • Pick the right sealant: Sealers come in different varnishes, including non-slip options. Opt for a sealer with a slight texture to improve grip without sacrificing that glossy look.
  • Keep it clean: Spills and debris can make any halls slippery. Regular cleaning and wiping up messes are essential for safety.

A club interior with polished concrete floor finishes in the foreground. A pole dancing area is visible in the background.

Alternatives to high-gloss concrete floors

While it rocks and you are still thinking of other options, here are some other selections to consider:

  • Grind and seal concrete: While high-gloss takes the crown for reflective brilliance, consider this option for a similar level of durability and easier maintenance at a slightly higher cost. 
  • Stained concrete: If you want to add some colour and patterns, this lets you customize your halls. However, it might not be as reflective as high-gloss finishes.
  • Textured: For prioritising slip resistance over shine, this might be a better fit for areas with higher spill risks.

If you want to add decorations in place for the shine, try also to explore the benefits of using micro toppings for polished concrete to enhance durability and create a more reflective surface. 

Things to consider before installation

Hold on, tiger! Before you finally decide on the right surface for your dance hall. You need to keep note these things in mind:

  • Subfloor prep: Existing ones might need some work, like polishing or levelling, to achieve the smooth surface needed for a bright gleaming finish.
  • Don’t forget the grip: As mentioned before, prioritise slip resistance with the right sealer and keep it clean.
  • Light it up right: Silky sleek slick amplifies the impact of lighting. Plan your lighting design to complement the reflective properties.

Choosing the right polished concrete finish for your club is a good exploration specifically for your business into what different finishes are available and how they can elevate your club’s atmosphere.

How much does high gloss concrete floor finishes cost?

The most awaited question after all the research fo your upcoming social club – the expenses! Well, the price tag can vary depending on a few things:

  • Size of the area: Bigger spaces mean more materials and labour, which means more moolah.
  • Concrete condition: If your existing needs a lot of work, the cost will go up.
  • Sealer choice: High-performance, non-slip sealers might cost a bit more than standard options.

Finding the perfect installer 

Now that you’re all fired up about it, it’s time to find the right contractor to make it happen. Here are some guidelines:

  • Experience is key: Look for companies with a proven track record in installing these types of surfaces, especially in commercial settings like clubs. Ask for references and check out their past projects.
  • Get quotes and ask questions: Don’t be shy! Get estimations from multiple contractors and ask detailed questions about their process, materials, warranties, and experience with high-gloss finishes.
  • Look for certifications: Ensure the contractor holds relevant credentials for polishing and application of the specific sealers you’re interested in.

Instead of settling for generic contractors, finding experienced high-gloss concrete floor installers for bars and lounges is key. Their expertise ensures a work specifically designed to handle the wear and tear of high-traffic night life environments while maximising the dazzling effect you desire. 

Maintaining high-gloss concrete floor finishes 

Assuming that you have attained your dream halls, you need now to think about the longevity of these. These are fantastic – indeed! A little TLC goes a long way for this wonderful investment:

  • Regular cleaning: Sweep or mop frequently to remove dirt and debris. Use a PH-neutral cleaner specifically designed for concrete floors.
  • Deep cleaning: Schedule professional deep cleaning periodically to remove any built-up grime and maintain the shine.
  • Spill control: Act fast! Clean up splashes immediately to prevent stains and etching.
  • Protective measures: Consider placing mats at entryways to trap dirt and moisture before they can be tracked onto the surface.

 A living room interior with a couch positioned on a polished concrete floor. This is an example of concrete floor finishes.

Are high-gloss concrete floor finishes right for your club?

Overall, if you are looking for a unique blend of style, functionality, and durability, this is the perfect atmosphere. Not just a vibrant environment but these can also be easy to maintain and can withstand the busy nightlife scene. And! It’s a compelling choice for business.

But is it the right choice for you? Consider your business and customers’ specific needs, budget, and desired aesthetic. If you prioritise a modern, upscale look with a touch of dazzling reflectivity, high-gloss concrete could be the perfect dance partner for your club.

Are you looking to upgrade your social club hall? We’ve got you, mate! Our team of experienced professionals can help you transform your club with stunning high-gloss concrete floors that will keep your guests moving and grooving all night long. So don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your vision! Contact Ultimate Epoxy Flooring for free consultation and quote!

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