Why Consider Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Safety and security should be the number one concern for any business when it comes to the type of material you are using for your industrial and commercial flooring; the right choice can certainly make a huge difference. This is exactly where commercial epoxy flooring comes into play. Commercial epoxy flooring is the key to having a high-performing and appealing floor space that offers a long life span. Epoxy floors can last anywhere from 6 to 10 years, depending on it’s traffic over time. Listed below are some of the epoxy flooring options available in Sydney that will suit your needs and provide protection for your concrete floor.

The Different Types of Epoxy Flooring Available in Sydney


Staircase epoxy flooring has become very popular. It not only protects your staircase but also provides a texture that will elevate your staircase to a whole new level. With a wide range of epoxy designs to choose from, you will never run out of creative epoxy floor coating options.


The mission of the showroom is to be visually appealing for your potential customers and to promote your product or service. Showroom epoxy flooring offers a bright feeling with a professional touch to the overall look of your showroom. With commercial epoxy flooring on your showroom, you can greatly decrease the hassle of cleaning and maintenance of your showroom floors. Unlike carpets and other flooring materials, epoxy floors are relatively easy to clean at the end of your business day.

Car Park

When it comes to car parks, the requirements vary greatly depending on the size, stress level, and other variables. The benefits of car park epoxy flooring is its durability as well as the coating options. With the consistent pressure car parks go through, epoxy floors will greatly increase the durability of the car park floor and provide a hassle-free experience.

Shopping Centre

Shopping centres go through very heavy foot traffic every day, so the floors suffer a significant amount of daily wear. Commercial epoxy flooring for shopping centres will provide strong protection and durability. Epoxy floor coating in shopping centres also offers a slip-free experience for your customers, which is very much essential to ensure their safety and a quality business.


How Ultimate Epoxy Floors Can Help

Commercial epoxy flooring offers industrial strength to ensure your floor can withstand even the harshest of punishment. From the ability to be easily cleaned to offering chemical resistance and great appearance, epoxy flooring does it all. Ultimate Epoxy Floors are leaders in the Sydney market, catering for both commercial and residential jobs. Our Team is highly trained and skilled to take on any job big or small. We offer a range of heavy duty floor coatings that are highly resistant to dirt and water. So, if you haven’t already experienced epoxy floor coating for your floors, now is the perfect time to start.