Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Ultimate Epoxy Floors can transform your Sydney industrial space. We are the experts in providing high-quality Industrial Epoxy Flooring solutions, designed to enhance durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal across industrial facilities.

Our floors are highly resistant to chemicals, cleaning detergents, oils & grease, dirt and water. Highly trafficable, epoxy floors are an excellent flooring solution for large and small industrial floors and can provide a seamless, easy to clean and durable surface providing many years of service.

We further provide line marking and painting services that supplement any new epoxy floor to provide a complete pedestrian and vehicle safety package to the floors of your business.

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Top Quality

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What We Do
Industrial Epoxy Floors

Elevate the longevity and safety of your industrial facility with our top-tier Industrial Epoxy Flooring services, providing a seamless blend of resilience and aesthetic appeal.

For top-tier Industrial Epoxy Floor Solutions, trust our team to deliver excellence tailored to your specific needs. We comprehend the criticality of shutdown periods, ensuring our services are executed within stringent time frames to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Safety is paramount, and we adhere strictly to work health and safety requirements, prioritising the well-being of our applicators, customers, and your personnel throughout every project phase. Offering flexible scheduling, we accommodate your business needs by working outside regular hours, allowing uninterrupted operations. Our meticulous planning aligns seamlessly with your operations, mitigating any disruptions to your workflow. Understanding the importance of slip ratings, we guarantee compliance with industry standards to enhance safety. Count on us to meticulously prepare floors that optimize functionality, providing unmatched service tailored to elevate your industrial space.

Food Industries
Commercial Kitchens and Servery Areas
Sporting Complexes
Community Amenities Facilities
Commercial Carparks
Animal Shelters & Service Businesses

Not all industrial epoxy flooring solutions are created equal. At Ultimate Epoxy Floors, our commitment is centered around understanding the distinctive needs of each industrial floor slated for coating. This comprehension enables us to recommend specific industrial-grade epoxy products and application techniques, ensuring the optimal selection for a resilient and robust industrial flooring solution.

Our discerning approach involves selecting from a diverse range of epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic industrial flooring systems, tailoring our choices to best suit the specific needs and intended usage of our valued industrial clients.

Our expertise is highly sought after in the industrial sector, where our services cater to the unique demands of industrial environments, offering unparalleled solutions for industrial epoxy flooring.

Floor Grinding
Floor Patching
Floor Levelling
Floor Screeding
Epoxy Floors
Polyurethane Floors
Polyaspartic Floors
Epoxy Coving
Aluminium Coving
Arrowhead Coving
Epoxy Ramps


Ultimate Epoxy Floors can fulfill your floor resurfacing needs through our proficient line marking service. We have expertise in:

Warehouse Linemarking

Carpark Linemarking

Factory Linemarking

School Linemarking

Concrete Polishing

Ultimate Epoxy Floors extends our concrete polishing service to both the Commercial & Industrial and Residential sectors. Our team comprehends the specific needs to expertly refine your concrete, achieving the desired level of gloss on its surface before applying a protective seal to maintain its luster.


In any commercial or industrial setting, the evaluation of floor safety is a paramount concern for business operators. Our durable floors can be supplied with a predetermined slip rating, adhering to the standards outlined in AS4586 – 2013. If necessary, we are equipped to conduct testing on our resilient floors to verify compliance with our customers’ specific requirements.

Grinding of Floors

Achieving the right Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) is crucial for ensuring the proper adhesion of any new resilient floor to concrete. At Ultimate Epoxy Floors, our process involves grinding and vacuuming all floors before applying any resilient coating, typically resulting in a CSP of 3.

The cornerstone of creating a high-quality floor lies in meticulous preparation. To facilitate the effective bonding of coatings, it’s essential to prepare the floor with the appropriate concrete surface profile. CSP, a standardized measure of surface roughness defined by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), ranges from 1 (very smooth with minimal preparation) to 9 (very rough). Our commitment is to achieve the optimal CSP for each project, ensuring the foundation for a successful and durable floor.

Transform Your Space
with Ultimate Epoxy Floors

Our experts will guide you through the process to find the best solution for your resilient flooring needs.

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