Garage Epoxy Floors

Want quality and durable garage epoxy floors? Choose Ultimate Epoxy Floors, the leading epoxy garage floor installers in Sydney! We know that your garage is not just a place to park your car but can also turn into a workshop, storage, and even a gym. That is why the conventional concrete floor simply will not do anymore. Epoxy flooring is a better solution that will help you transform your garage into a beautiful and functional space.

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Garage Floor Epoxy Services

Garage floor epoxy is the perfect solution if you want to upgrade your Sydney garage into a tough and easy-to-maintain space. Numerous benefits come with high-performance coating for homeowners and garage lovers. Epoxy flooring is one of the best investments you can make for your home or business because of its durability, ease of cleaning, and other features. 

Epoxy is hard-wearing so your floor won’t be easily scratched, cracked, or chipped by heavy equipment and other objects. It is also easy to clean and stain-resistant which is perfect for dirty shops or mechanic shops. Moreover, the smooth surface means that you will spend less time and effort cleaning it, allowing you to fully appreciate the new look of your home. Try our epoxy services and join the epoxy flooring trend in Sydney homes to level up the beauty of this vital area of your home.

A sleek, glossy garage epoxy floors with gray decorative chips providing a stylish and durable upgrade for your garage

Excellent Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Level up your Sydney garage with a stunning, long-lasting epoxy garage floor from Ultimate Epoxy Floors! We’re the crew you want for the job, with years of experience tackling Sydney garages and transforming them into dream spaces. Our secret weapon? A combination of top-notch products in our garage epoxy floor kit and a dedication to making you happy. We use only the best materials, so your floor looks amazing and can handle everything. Plus, we work with your budget and give you a clear idea of the costs upfront. Get in touch today and see why Ultimate Epoxy Floors is the perfect choice for your Sydney garage!

What are the signs when you need a garage epoxy floor?

Close-up of a glossy, gray, speckled garage epoxy floors, creating a tough and attractive surface for your garage.

Cracked or Damaged Concrete

Such damages as cracks and chips on your concrete floor are likely to expand and become a tripping hazard. Epoxy then goes on to cover these imperfections and levels the surface, filling and sealing at the same time.

Oil Stains and Grease

Sick and tired of oil stains on your garage floor that have become an eyesore? These liquids do not stick to epoxy, which makes cleaning easy. 

Dust and Debris

Fresh concrete is normally grey and it is porous, which makes it dusty and hard to wash. Epoxy provides a smooth and non-porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Dim and Dingy Garage

A shiny epoxy floor coating will make your garage look more attractive and appealing.

What is the epoxy floor installation process?

  1. Surface Preparation: First, we’ll check that the concrete surface is well prepared. We will do that by grinding, diamond polishing, and repairing any cracks present. This helps ensure that the epoxy will be applied on a clean, sound surface. 
  2. Epoxy Coating: Next, we’ll apply epoxy base coat with high bonding properties, and the desired colour and top coat. 
  3. Optional Decorative Flakes: Then, we’ll incorporate fine decorative flakes into the epoxy coating. This will give it a different and artistic look. 
  4. Safety Measures: During the process, care is taken to ensure proper ventilation and follow all safety measures and guidelines in property renovations as required by the government.
  5. Final Inspection and Walk-Through: Finally, we will inspect the floor after it is done. We’ll give you a detailed tour of the finished floor and the cleaning and maintenance procedures.
Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on the size of your garage, the chosen colour and finish, and any additional features.

With proper care, epoxy floors can last for 10-15 years or even longer.

Regular sweeping, occasional mopping with a mild cleaning solution, and avoiding harsh chemicals will keep your floor looking its best.

Epoxy floors come in a vast array of colours, from classic solids to metallic flakes. You can try our visualiser to help you choose the perfect colour for your space.

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