What Is Epoxy Concrete Sealer?

As the Ultimate Epoxy Floors team, we’ve met many homeowners in Sydney who didn’t know what is the Epoxy concrete sealer. So, we decided to clarify this topic and let every one of them have a chance to finally realize what is this matter and how can one use it?

Briefly, it is any Epoxy-based stuff that we utilize as a shield for a cement-covered ground. So, this is a broad term that refers to the substances any installer employs in shielding practices. However, you can find the answer to some Frequent Ask Questions about this term below.

What Are The Best Epoxy Sealers For Concrete Floors In Sydney?

  • Self-Leveling Coatings: This material would create the finest “Epoxy Garage Floor.” But don’t let this fact fool you. Due to its capability to create a level surface, you can use this substance as a proper sealer for the factory floorschool floor, etc. Specialists suppose that this material is an unsurpassed choice for the places that are not even—like an old concrete layer covering a parking lot base.
  • Vapor Barrier Epoxy: you may not see this product as the outer shroud of a base. But that has nothing to do with its importance. Ground shielding experts use this material to reduce vaporing levels. In fact, a concrete overlay covered with Vapor Barrier will not send the mist to upper levels. That’s why the installers in Sydney apply it before shielding the base with other materials such as tile—that can’t bear the moisture and mist.
  • Graveled Shield: Since most of the proprietors in Sydney would like to end up having a decorative Epoxy floor, manufacturers are producing this one to fulfill their needs. You can add the logo, brandmark, or any further decorative design to this stuff effortlessly. So, not only is it the best choice for landholders, but the business owners will find it beneficial too. (We recommend you to utilize it for creating an ornamental swimming pool flooring).

How To Apply Epoxy on The Concrete Floor

Now, it’s time to see how one could apply such stuff to the base. But before getting into details, you better read our guide on how to clean the garage floor before Epoxy.

  • Cleanup: the first thing you must do before the painting is to wash the base off. Generally, there are “3 ways of preparing the parking lot ground for Epoxy” hat you can apply to other bases too. (Acid etching, shot blasting, and grinding). However, if the ground has a new concrete shield, a pressure washing using lukewarm water would be enough.
  • Sanding: if the concrete is old and there are loose parts along with the former shield remain on it, sanding is vital. Read our guide on “how to repaint the garage floor” to gain real-world info on sanding and grinding techniques.
  • First Layer Application: when you were sure that there’s no contaminator left on the upper sheet, wash it off for one last time and let it dry. Now, apply the first layer of sealer using a long-handled roller. And allow the ground to get dry.
  • Second Layer Application: Apply the subsequent overlay when you see the ground is soaking up the initial one. And leave the shell for 24 hours before allowing anyone to step on it. If it’s your parking lot base, do not drive a car on it for at least 7 days.

Let Us Rid You Of The Hard Work

If it sounds like a hard task to use epoxy concrete sealer for a base, contact us right away. Our team would be there to lend a hand at any stage of the process.

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