How To Make A 3D Epoxy Floor Coating?


If you’re among those who’re always curious to see what’s new in the flooring industry, you’re on the right page. In this article, Ultimate Epoxy Floors will introduce the newest phenomenon of this century, 3D Epoxy Floor Coating.

The following is a manual on how to make a 3D Epoxy Floor Coating that stands out and makes your property ultra-unique. We interviewed our specialist asking how can a normal homeowner in Sydney make their own 3-dimensional base? And here’s the 6 step they suggested.

This guide is applicable to all sorts of bases such as hospital flooring, commercial kitchen flooring, commercial flooring, and swimming pool flooring.

But before getting into details, let’s get to know the concept better and see what equipment and material you need for the operational phases.

What Is 3D Epoxy Floor Coating?

When you glue a 3D image to the ground and cover it with transplant Epoxy sealer, the outcome is a 3D base. In fact, the clear mixture covering the poster will lead to some sort of illusion and fool the viewers as if there’s a 3-dimensional surface in the ground.

The actual trick will not get out of the box until someone steps on the coated ground. So, you can be sure that the product of such a task is nothing less than a total amusement advocator in your property.

Things You Need For 3D Epoxy Coating

These are the materials used for 3D Epoxy Floor Coating to get an even surface in different rooms:

  • Epoxy primer
  • Moisture-barrier system
  • Epoxy leveling layer
  • 3D image
  • Transparent Epoxy Sealer

Step One: Base Preparation

You cannot achieve a good look on an unlevel surface. So, the first move should be base preparation. In fact, you have to rinse the place, get rid of the contaminators, and smooth it prior to the next stage.

Our specialists offer using a buffer with an attached pad to sand the ground. This technique is called grinding and can rid you of all the unwanted stuff on a surface. But if you need more info on how to use and care for a floor cleaner machine (e.g. buffer), click here.

Step Two: Applying The Glue

When the base is completely level, it’s time to apply the glue. You must find a mixture that suits the material of your ground. for instance, if the base is made of concrete, a water-based general bonding agent like polyvinyl acetate emulsion is a proper choice.

Whatever you do, just avoid using inappropriate adhesives. A product that is not strong enough to hold the 3D poster on its place can easily ruin all the hard work and effort you put into the task.

Consult your contractor who is responsible for the current coating and ask what adhesive products suit it better.

Step Three: Installing The Poster

Now, attach the poster to the glued ground before the adhesive dries. This phase must be done fast—but precisely. Use a soft tool to make sure that all parts of the picture are touching the ground and no spot is having wrinkles.

Step Four: Removing The Wrinkles

If, for whatsoever reason, some wrinkles appeared on the poster surface, don’t panic. Just use a hairdryer machine and dry the glue on that particular spot. Then, use more adhesive and re-do the installation—being more careful about the wrinkles. (You’ll need to practice to make it perfect).

Step Five: Mixing The Hardener And Resin

Grab the hardener and mix it with the Epoxy resin according to the instructions on the package. The ratio for some products differs; so, we’re not going to give you an exact mixture formula. However, what we suggest is mixing the substance for at least 2 minutes before the appliance.

Step Six: Applying the Mixture To the Floor And Leveling

Finally, smear the substance to the poster and level it with a long-handled squeegee. The best thickness for 3D Epoxy Floor Coating is 3mm. So, do not stop coating before creating a surface with that thickness.

Let Us Take Care of Your 3-Dimensional Epoxy Coating Needs

We, at Ultimate Epoxy Floors, are ready to provide you with the finest 3D Epoxy Floor Coating one could ever find in Sydney. Just contact us and let our consultants guide you through the procedures. Follow us on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn Twitter.

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