Epoxy Tools Cleaning After Painting


We see so many DIY fans in Sydney who’d do their own floors by the book. That’s why almost all of them do not know how to do Epoxy Tools Cleaning after painting. And this simple fact leaves them with extra expenses—though they choose DIY for its cost-effective aspects!

So, at Ultimate Epoxy Floors, we decided to create a manual for these homeowners and lend a hand with the aftermath of their DIY coating projects. The following is a set of instructions on Epoxy Tools Cleaning that are used frequently.

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Fill a restored bucket with acetone and put the dirty brush in it. Make sure that the bucket has a solid cover on top so that air cannot get in. Now, let the tools remain in the solution for a couple of hours before you pull them out and rinse.

Note: don’t use such brushes when starting a new project. Otherwise, some small pieces of dried paint may get into your solutions/sealers and ruin it.

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Let the contaminated buckets fully dry. This may take 24 hours or less—based on the Epoxy type and temperature. Next, use a trowel to remove the dried paint or simply peel it off with your bare hands. 90% of the contaminator will effortlessly come right out.

However, we recommend avoiding to use such a restored bucket for new sealing projects. In fact, minor contaminators may get into your new solutions/paints and ruin the overall task. So, try to utilize them when making a sample solution and/or other secondary tasks.

These pieces of equipment may not seem like costly ones. However, if you start throwing them away constantly, DIY will not be a cost-effective option anymore. So, it’s a good idea to restore them and put them back in use for a longer time—to cut back on the budget.

Note: acetone can remove the Epoxy from buckets effortlessly. But since it’s expensive, you better stick at manual methods.


One of the Epoxy Tools that you frequently use is the trowel. So, cleaning it up should top your concern list. However, the good news is that trowels do not need specific cleaning processes. All you must do is making sure that the teeth are cleaned. That’s it!

Just use a razor knife to remove the dried contaminators from the edges of this tool, and it’s ready for another round.

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Drill paddle

You probably utilize this piece of equipment to mix the solutions and/or paints. So, they are one of the most contaminated Epoxy tools. But cleaning them is not a cumbersome task. That’s because you don’t have to clean them at all!

Yes, you read it right. When the Epoxy covers drill paddle, it adds an additional texture which will eventually increase the performance of the tool and help you mix things better.

However, if you insist on cleaning it up, here’s how. Use a restored bucket and put the removed paddle into it—until the paint is peeled off. Then, utilize a razor knife and remove every piece of contaminator manually.

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